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ことばを光に / make your words to lights

  • 藤村 憲之 / Noriyuki Fujimura

TYPE: Exhibition

CATEGORY: Smart Illumination Award

私達は言葉を通じて人と繋がる。言葉は心の中で生まれ、声となり身体から出て音となる。 または文字として伝わってゆく。人と人の対話はそうして生まれてゆく。 私はこの流れを光に繋げ、光の空間を通じて人と人が繋がる体験を作り出したい。 この作品では二人の観客がつぶやく言葉が音声認識によって一旦文字になり、 検索エンジンを用いて見出される言葉と光の関係に照らし合わされて変換され、光による対話の空間を作ります。 この色は恣意的に決められているのではなく、世の中でひとつの言葉とどんな光とその記録である写真が 結びついているのかを即時に調べて生み出される色です。この二人は言葉と光の色で対話しますが、 実はその体験を世の中の数多くの光と写真が支えているということになります。

We are connected to the person through words. The words become birth, the voice in a heart and appear from a body, and it is with a sound. Or I come as a letter. The talks of a person and the person are born in that way. I connect this flow with light and want to create the experiences that a person is connected to the person through space of the light. The words that two audiences mutter become the letter by sound recognition once and it is compared with words and relations of the light found using a search engine and is converted and makes the space of talks by the light with this work. This color is not decided arbitrarily and is the color that I check whether the photograph which is one word and what kind of light and record is tied in the world immediately, and is brought about. These two people talk with words with a color of the light, but, in fact, it is expected that much light and photographs in the world support the experience.




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