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サリタ・イブノー Sarita Ibnoe

アーティスト / Artist


Being someone who grew up in a view places and like to travel, I like to keep some memories in mind and, for me, art is one way to do it.

My approach as an artist is focused around memories or moments I had and to dig them deeper or recollecting other people’s and find a connection to the present. For me, art projects are conversations, a way to share thoughts and create collaboratively in using various medium.

So far, I work basically with drawings but I support them with installations and, sometimes, something performative. I am now exploring the theme of ‘home’ and and the existential of one self in between places and/or in a journey.

Coming from a personal experience, the idea of ‘home’ is something that I always need to build in a new place, back to the old place and somewhere in between. Recently, it crosses my mind that maybe being in between places and culture is ‘home’. And that can be the place where the art creation begins as I go back and forth, right now, between Yogyakarta and Jakarta. For now, I decided that my home is the journey.